The magical beauty of Bodrum Peninsula, which is considered one of the most special holiday destinations in the world, hosts Dior in the summer of 2020. It will be among the summer shops of Dior, which is opened in the most special spots in the world for sea vacation.Dioriviera Bodrumstore is located in Yalıkavak Marina. With the Dioriviera 2020 Collection, the products specially selected for this store and specially produced models for these Bodrum lovers, such as Bodrum printed bags and swimsuits, will take their place in the store.

Designed with a timeless warm season wardrobe as promising an endless summer, Dioriviera takes its inspiration from the collections that Maria Grazia Chiuri has prepared for Dior. Color games accompany the patterns in these special designs that create travel dreams for sweet getaways to the seaside. This journey, which starts to reach the seaside at every stop, starts with the “Toile de Jouy” pattern. This motif, which turns into a Dior classic, is reinterpreted for Dioriviera in many different ways. After setting off in the tropical weather, the route first turns to pastel gray, then to blue and pink. Sailor lines for the sunny ports are joining the series. As the Italian artist Pietro Ruffo begins to accompany Maria Grazia Chiuri, the capsule collection named “Dior Around the World” appears.

In addition to swimsuits, pareos, espadrilles, Christian Dior slippers and D-Connect sneakers designed for abundant sunny destinations; Dior Book Tote, Saddle and Diorcamp bags are included in the collection with the dream of being accompanied by new routes. Offering a world where every detail can be discovered with excitement, Dioriviera is complemented by a wide selection of Dior Maison, ranging from American services to deck chairs.

Dioriviera Collection, designed for summer destinations, each of which offers its own privileges, takes its place in stores all over the world, being one of the reasons that will make the travels to these points unforgettable. Summer shops in Saint Tropez, Cannes, Portofino, Porto Cervo and Marbella, along with pop-ups opened in Forte dei Marmi, Ibiza, Capri and Cortina, bring excitement to shopping for those who want to choose in a very special atmosphere for their summer wardrobes.


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