Of all the trends for next season, Christine Boland’s Trend Snack gives a ‘bite size’ report of the 5 must-do colours, fabrics, textures, patterns, silhouettes etc to incorporate into your fashion collection.

Today we focus on the It-colours.
#1 Bandaid beige
In the design language for SS22 we see a shift towards ‘less, but better’, to being content with the most common of objects which we once ignored in our previous high octane lives. A move also towards balance and wellbeing. This results in a big focus on warm neutrals and mid brownish nudes that remind us of Band-Aids, whole grain foods and home-baked bread. It serves as a soft and tender basetone for this summer’s minimal elegant aesthetic.

#2 Surgical green
The fact that hygiene and disinfection have become a set element to our daily rituals has a massive influence on the trend colours for SS22. It translates into the clean and clear colours that resemble medical PPE. Specifically the fresh minty green hue of the surgical gown will be one of the key colours for next spring and summer. Staying true to the trends origin, we foresee surgical green to be a hit colour for total looks, or as an interesting colour accent next to a warm neutral.

#3 Ultra-violet
The importance of hygiene will not only result in surgical green as a major player. Cool violet tones, referring to disinfecting UV light, too make their way into next season’s fashion. Although not entirely new (lilac has been a trend colour for a few seasons now), this variety has a bluer undertone, shifting it from a soft pastel to a more powerful bright. This ultraviolet colour is used all over, layered in different textures or as a metallic – emphasising its fluoresce character.

#4 Wheatgrass
As our interest in nature and the botanical world deepens, we’ve developed an increasing passion for bizarre, unusual, colourful animals and plants. This culminates in a newly found love-affair with the colour green, ranging from natural tones to the more ‘artificial’ hyper-realistic ones. For next spring and summer we see yellow having a clear influence on the type of green. As a result, the most striking hue to watch is a vivid, nearly acid green tone that resembles the colour of your daily wheatgrass shot.

#5 Sunset orange
The turbulent and uncertain times we live in have resulted in a longing for a new way forward; a move towards a more calming, soothing pace and rhythm in this complex new world. This has developed into an increasing need for design and colours that give comfort and joy. And what embodies this better than the warm and reassuring orange hues that occur during sunset? Although a powerful colour, thanks to the frequently used ombre application and use of flowy fabrics this orange oozes that desired caressing softness.